Transformativ læring – gratis webinar 22. mai

I forbindelse med seminaret «Transformative Learning: An integrative approach to education» som går av stabelen i Trondheim 24.–29. juni arrangeres det på førstkommende tirsdag (22. mai) et gratis virtuelt seminar med tittelen «Transformative learning: Deepen your learning».

Arrangørene beskriver temaet slik:

«We live in challenging times on both global, local, and interpersonal levels. These challenges call upon us to change and transform ourselves at the personal level. The transformation is more often a change in how we view the world rather than knowledge about the world. This type of transformation allows us to grow, thrive and contribute in new ways in a world that is ever changing and challenging us.»

Jonathan Reams og Anne Caspari

«The type of learning that is required for these kinds of personal transformations are notoriously hard both to describe and facilitate. So, first, how do we go about talking about this transformational change, and then, how do we facilitate it effectively in ourselves and others? This is the challenge I gave Jonathan Reams and Anne Caspari for this teleseminar. They both have an extraordinary amount of both knowledge about, and training and practical experience in facilitating these transformations.»

Whether you are a teacher, trainer, coach, counselor, or simply dedicated to serving others to make the world a better place, this teleseminar will help you create a bigger impact in the individuals or groups you meet along your way.»

  • Når: Tirsdag 22. mai, 18:00–19:30.
  • Hvor: Virtuelt – du kan høre på programmet på datamaskinen din.

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Hjemmesiden til hovedseminaret den 24.–29. juni: Transformative Learning: An integrative approach to education